Cardano is a winner

To me, ADA is the non-bankers XRP. I made my first transaction of tens of thousands of ADA yesterday, it look about a minute, and cost about 40 cents (not quite as cheap as XRP) – scalability, fast, low transaction… Read More ›

How to buy XRP

With the explosion of XRP, many are now wondering how they can purchase XRP. The process is actually pretty simple, and here I will walk you through it. First thing is, XRP, like other cryptocurrencies, are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Ones… Read More ›

Invest in XRP NOW?

Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency that is currently trading at around 80 cents USD per XRP (as of December 16th 2017). Last month I had posted a blog about why I believe XRP is the cryptocurrency of the future (at the time… Read More ›