I’m a cryptocurrency and technology enthusiast, and I founded Zerpening in November of 2017I predicted the success of the XRP cryptocurrency during the early stages of its development in 2017, when the price had been stagnant at around 20 cents USD for half a year. This was a time when many in the investment and cryptocurrency community were doubting XRP and had called it a manipulated scam coin with no hope of growing in value. However, since then, the price and success of XRP and the Ripple company has skyrocketed infinite fold, and is touted as the next big revolutionary technology.

Zerpening provides analyses on cryptocurrencies and technology, and is named after Zerps – the nickname of Ripple’s cryptocurrency. Zerpening, to be precise, is the term coined by the XRP community to describe the first significant price increase for XRP during the December 2017/January 2018 rally which propelled XRP into the mainstream.

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