IOST – new revolutionary blockchain (giving away free tokens)

IOST is a new blockchain technology with a rock star development team that is aiming to solve big issues in current crypto and blockchain technology – namely scalability. In addition, it is setting up a platform for the Internet of Services, which is the logical step after the Internet of Things. Basically, a room, or your house, is a network of electronic devices, that communicate with each other, and also with the outside world. Communication can be simple tasks, like when your phone schedules a robot vacuum is  to run at a certain time, to communicating complex services, such as online retail or Amazon services. Click here to read more about IOST.

This week, IOST has launched its community hub, and is giving away upwards of 1,000,000 IOST tokens! IOST is a strong community, and the team is backed by big venture capitalists, such as Sequoia, ZhenFund, and Matrix Fund. To join, click here!

Tron has launched a similar event before, which helped them move from a top 100 coin to a top 10 coin. That airdrop however is dwarfed in size by the IOST Referral Program. IOST is a coin with great potential, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts should join the community hub to receive free IOST and take part in the Internet of Services Revolution.



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