Number of companies using XRP grows

The confirmation of MoneyGram putting XRP to the test is probably the biggest news for XRP this year – a giant financial institution is now utilizing XRP. But as I had talked about previously, XRP is actually being adopted by other companies around the world. Below, is a summary of the companies currently supporting/using/accepting XRP as a form of payment system. I’m sure you can all appreciate now that the usage and adoption of XRP goes far beyond banks.


Company What the company does How the company is using XRP
MoneyGram Money transfer Piloting XRP for money transfer
Arrington XRP investment fund Investment fund Fund is denominated completely in XRP
West Coast Classic Cougar Sells classic car parts Accepts XRP payments
Selly Digital retailer Accepts XRP payments
Cuallix Financial institute Using XRP for US-Mexico cross border transactions
IDT corporation Global payment provider Using XRP to settle remittances and corporate transactions
MercuryFX Global payment provider Using XRP to settle remittances and corporate transactions
BiChip Making next generation implant microchips with RFID and Data for humans Implementing XRP into payment systems
FlashFX Foreign currency transfers Using XRP to transfer money

If you know of any other companies using XRP, please comment in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to update the table!

Given the increasing rate of XRP adoption, imagine how high the price of XRP can go by 31st December 2018? Does $20 or $50, or even $80 per XRP sound that ridiculous anymore? The future uses of XRP are there and XRP is looking like a shining star! This is owing to it’s groundbreaking technology – speed, scalability, low transaction costs. Spread the news, and if you’re already a big holder of XRP, or thinking of getting in, remember the value of XRP is increasing fast. So don’t forget to store XRP safely by using the popular and trusted Nano Ledger S Hardware Wallet. Also, Amazon has a range of cryptocurrency wallets, accessories, and tools, as well as books on cryptocurrency investing.

If you have been chatting with colleagues, friends or family members, or anyone that is on the fence or uncertain about XRP, direct them to this article: Ripple XRP – debunking the myths.

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Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion. I am not a professional financial adviser and am not responsible for your own investment outcomes. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing this post, I hold units of XRP.


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  1. Great article! Nice work covering what the facts.

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  2. The law firm of Wildeboer Dellelce now accepts XRP as payment for up to 25% of its legal fees.



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