What gives Ripple’s XRP value?

With the exponential rise in the price of Ripple XRP, from trading at around 20 cents for most of the year, to ending the year so far at an all time high of close to $3 (CoinMarketCap.com), many are wondering, what will XRP actually be used for and what gives it value? In other words, why has the price been increasing, and why will it continue to increase?

Many are talking about banks eventually using it. For the record, a consortium of banks in Asia have already planned to trial XRP (see this blog post for more info). But the more important thing is, in my opinion, the use of XRP goes far far far beyond banks. We are witnessing a technological revolution right now! Here, I am making some predictions, based on what has come from the Ripple team, about the real-world uses of XRP, which will drive up demand, and thus the price in the coming year(s).

The future use cases which give XRP value:

  • P2P
    • Us. Me and you. The common folk. If XRP is used for web payments, which is in the planning, we can begin to use it to pay each other. You can use XRP to pay someone or a friend for goods and products online. This increased utility increases demand and thus price.
    • It can be used by mom and pop stores.
    • Think Shopify store owners.
  • Non-financial businesses
    • David Schwartz from Ripple has confirmed that they are working with non-financial companies that are household names. Imagine being able to use XRP to settle payments when you’re travelling around the world for work or backpacking for both Air BnB and Uber. Using XRP instead of the gazillion different currencies!
  • Niche communities
    • Recently, the gaming company Steam decided to drop Bitcoin for payments. It’s slow and has high fees. There may be a time in the future when various niche communities like gamers and such will use XRP to settle payments.
  • Bank usage
  • The sky is the limit for uses of XRP
    • This last point is a thought I had, which came from the fact that Michael Arrington, founder of Tech Crunch, has started a XRP denominated investment fund. Basically there is no limit to what XRP can be used for. As it becomes more mainstream, dreamers and entrepreneurs will be coming up with more uses for XRP. Because it’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s scalable.
  • A store of value? If all the above lead to mass adoption of XRP, who knows…

The future uses of XRP are there and XRP is looking like a shining star! This is owing to it’s groundbreaking technology – speed, scalability, low transaction costs. Spread the news, and if you’re already a big holder of XRP, or thinking of getting in, remember the value of XRP is increasing fast. So don’t forget to store XRP safely. So don’t forget to store XRP safely by using the popular and trusted Nano Ledger S Hardware Wallet. Also, Amazon has a range of cryptocurrency wallets, accessories, and tools, as well as books on cryptocurrency investing. For information on how to buy XRP, click here.

If you have been chatting with colleagues, friends or family members, or anyone that is on the fence or uncertain about XRP, direct them to this article: Ripple XRP – debunking the myths.

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Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion. I am not a professional financial adviser and am not responsible for your own investment outcomes. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing this post, I hold units of XRP.


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