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Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency that is currently trading at around 80 cents USD per XRP (as of December 16th 2017). Last month I had posted a blog about why I believe XRP is the cryptocurrency of the future (at the time XRP had been stagnant around 20 cents USD for half a year and had attracted a lot of naysayers and negativity). My belief held true, and since then XRP has reached an all time high of close to 90 cents. That is an over 400% increase in just a few weeks (Figure 1). During that period, major events had happened to act as catalysts. This included an escrow lockup of 55 billion XRP, to ensure peace of mind for any investor, given that now Ripple cannot flood the market with XRP.


Figure 1.   Dramatic rise of XRP (price in USD). Source:

The Ripple team is currently partnering with banking organizations in Asia to allow cross-border payments using their blockchain technology, with the trials already having taken place earlier this week, and it has been confirmed that eventually XRP will be put into use too. The momentum is building strongly. In addition, soon (maybe even within the early part of the new year), Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, will be launching a $100 million XRP investment fund.

Furthermore, chief cryptographer David (aka JoelKatz), has confirmed that there will be two partnerships with big household names before year end. This means that XRP will be implemented not only in banking, but potentially all commercial activities (think Amazon, Uber, AirBnB etc.). The momentum is building behind XRP and the recent rise is just the beginning. More great things should be happening with Ripple and XRP in the coming year, and it may be wise to invest now. Given the trajectory, and the fact that XRP is trying to solve a trillion dollar liquidity issue with banks and large commercial companies, it would not be surprising to see XRP reach a price of at least $3-5 USD next year. Click here to learn how to buy XRP from reputable exchanges. Once you have some XRP, store it safely by using the popular and trusted Nano Ledger S Hardware Wallet. Also, Amazon has a range of cryptocurrency wallets, accessories, and tools, as well as books on cryptocurrency investing.

For information on how to buy XRP, click here. If you have been chatting with colleagues, friends or family members, or anyone that is on the fence or uncertain about XRP, direct them to this article: Ripple XRP – debunking the myths.

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Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion. I am not a professional financial adviser and am not responsible for your own investment outcomes. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing this post, I hold units of XRP.


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  1. The fund is actually 100 Million and not Billion


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