Cryptocurrencies and Ripple XRP

Well, I’m sure a lot of you have at least heard of Bitcoin. It’s a digital currency, a decentralised cryptocurrency regulated by the people and not by the banks. It was first started by Satoshi, an unknown person, or a group of people, and at one point it was worth close to nothing. As of today, it’s trading at about $9000 USD per bitcoin. That’s a HUGE gain. When you can spot these types of investments early on, when they’re worth a few cents, or a couple of dollars, and you can buy enough units, be it digital coins or shares in a company, you can make millions if you hold and wait and not panic sell.

Bitcoin is not the only kid on the block now, there are TONS of different digital currencies now. Ether, IOTA, Litecoin, and NEO are just some examples, but you can see them here: The problem with a lot of these, including the biggest of them all, Bitcoin, is that it really is just speculative investing. There is no clear use of Bitcoin. Banks and governments aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s extreme volatility trumps the argument that it’s meant to be a store of value. Most importantly, the majority of people in our world work a  9 to 5 job and aren’t interested in the anarchist cryptocurrency movement of “down with the banks and the FED” and lets start our own deregulated and free digital currency. To this end, they’re comfortable with putting their money in the usual brick and mortar banks. The only way that gives the average shopper or shop owner the confidence to adapt to new things (for example in the past: ATM, credit cards, debit cards, electronic payments) will be if it’s a regulated entity with government and banks backing it. This is where Ripple comes in, with their digital currency called XRP. This is a start up which has created the first digital currency that has a CLEAR USE. It has partnered with banks to use it’s block chain technology to transfer currency across borders. This is currently dominated by the SWIFT technology, with transfers taking 3-5 days due to the complicated infrastructure (Figure 1). That is VERY slow, it’s quicker to just carry the money and hop on the plane to get the money to another country. That’s where the Ripple technology I believe will dominate, they’re already partnered with many of the worlds largest financial institutions to try out it’s platform.


Figure 1.              Current cross-border transfers take a long time, due to the complicated infrastructure. Source:

The Ripple platform allows a much more simple method, using XRP has the digital currency to transfer the money, cutting many intermediaries (Figure 2). Granted that it’s true, right now that banks aren’t using the XRP currency, and only the Ripple block chain technology for money transfer, but it’s only a matter of time.


Figure 2.              Ripple blockchain technology and XRP allow a much quicker (almost instantaneous) transfer of money across borders. Source:

Given the cost and time saving (Figure 3) of using the XRP currency to transfer money, compared to just using the Ripple block chain technology alone, the banks are bound to adopt XRP at some point, and this will push the value of XRP to new highs! The naysayers point out that banks don’t have to use XRP, that’s true, but would you prefer to take a boat to go from the US to Australia, or would you prefer to take a plane, even though you don’t HAVE to, you CHOOSE to take a plane. Banks don’t HAVE to use XRP, but they WILL choose to. Another argument the naysayers have is that for XRP to be valued at say $50+, it will have to have an extremely large market cap, larger than that of what Bitcoin has right now. But did you know that everyday, trillions of dollars are moved across borders? SWIFT alone handles FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS A DAY! If XRP is to be used as a major currency for the transfer of money by financial institutions, I believe it will need to have a pretty large value and market cap.Blog-post-image-

Figure 3.              Cost saving by using BOTH Ripple and XRP. Source:

So one of the hot technologies that I’m currently invested in is XRP, and for me it’s a long term hold. It is a cryptocurrency that actually has a USE, it’s backed by large financial instructions, and it’s only a matter of time in my opinion before large scale adaptation. There are hints of this, especially yesterday, when Michael Arrington, founder of Tech Crunch, started a $100M investment fund which utilises XRP only ( I feel good things are on the horizon.

Spread the news, and if you’re already a big holder of XRP, or thinking of getting in, remember the value of XRP is increasing fast. So don’t forget to store XRP safely by using the popular and trusted Nano Ledger S Hardware Wallet. Also, Amazon has a range of cryptocurrency wallets, accessories, and tools, as well as books on cryptocurrency investing.

For information on how to buy XRP, click here. If you have been chatting with colleagues, friends or family members, or anyone that is on the fence or uncertain about XRP, direct them to this article: Ripple XRP – debunking the myths.

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Disclaimer: This post is my own personal opinion. I am not a professional financial adviser and am not responsible for your own investment outcomes. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing this post, I hold units of XRP.


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  1. Great article, thanks – I’d only add that the final graph displaying cost savings using Ripple+XRP is out of date. The latest numbers show a 60% cost saving with XRP, not 42%

    (hairs, split.)

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  2. Great article. I bought some Ripplecoins a few weeks ago for long term investment. I believe in Ripple. Great company.

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