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  • Cardano is a winner

    To me, ADA is the non-bankers XRP. I made my first transaction of tens of thousands of ADA yesterday, it look about a minute, and cost about 40 cents (not quite as cheap as XRP) – scalability, fast, low transaction… Read More ›

  • XRP will rise from the ashes

    Right now, we are undergoing a period of market-wide correction, and XRP is caught up in it like all other cryptos. During late December/early January, XRP has a huge rally that was obviously not going to be sustainable long run… Read More ›

  • Number of companies using XRP grows

    The confirmation of MoneyGram putting XRP to the test is probably the biggest news for XRP this year – a giant financial institution is now utilizing XRP. But as I had talked about previously, XRP is actually being adopted by other companies… Read More ›

  • Ripple XRP is now being utilized in diverse sectors

    In a previous blog article I wrote, I had discussed the potential use cases of XRP which can increase it’s price through a rise in demand and utility and thus value. Since that article, MoneyGram has confirmed that they are now… Read More ›

  • Ripple XRP and market cap explained

    Many pundits say that for XRP to reach, say $100 per coin, the market cap would be 3.8 trillion dollars (38b coins in circulation), and that that would simply be too much money to have to be invested in XRP…. Read More ›

  • What gives Ripple’s XRP value?

    With the exponential rise in the price of Ripple XRP, from trading at around 20 cents for most of the year, to ending the year so far at an all time high of close to $3 (, many are wondering, what… Read More ›

  • Ripple XRP – debunking the myths

    As someone who had predicted the rise of XRP, before the December 12th 2017 surge which propelled not only the price of XRP, but it’s presence in the mainstream media and also amongst average Joes, I am very concerned about… Read More ›

  • How to buy XRP

    With the explosion of XRP, many are now wondering how they can purchase XRP. The process is actually pretty simple, and here I will walk you through it. First thing is, XRP, like other cryptocurrencies, are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Ones… Read More ›

  • Invest in XRP NOW?

    Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency that is currently trading at around 80 cents USD per XRP (as of December 16th 2017). Last month I had posted a blog about why I believe XRP is the cryptocurrency of the future (at the time… Read More ›